Modern rooms in a historical house

The rooms- without exception single rooms- are different in size and caliber. Because of the coloration and incidence of light, the rooms have a nice atmosphere.

The furniture is convenient, robust and unobtrusive. The simple carpet floor spreads a pleasant living atmosphere. Almost every room is furnished with a bed, closet, shelves, desk, chair and a hall-stand. Because of the simple furniture, it is possible for every inhabitant to bring her own style to her new home.

Feeling comfortable is guaranteed!

The rooms have washing facilities, many of the rooms are equipped with bathrooms, including shower and toilet. For rooms with no bathrooms, there are enough toilets and showers in modern bathrooms you share with other girls.

Furthermore, there are telephone and SAT- TV connections available in each room.
Every tenant is responsible for the cleaning of her room, community rooms will be cleaned by the cleaning staff.