Organs of the foundation are the executive board and the foundation council

Vorstandsvorsitzender: Heinz Wolf

Stellvertretender Vorsitzender: Stefan Spatz

Stiftungsratsvorsitzender: Andreas Bouley


Sabine Hassler / Susanne Türk:

Women at work: Sabine Hassler and Susanne Türk are the two directors of the foundation Marienheim. Since the year 2013 the two manage all the concerns around the house and make sure each resident and visitor feels welcomed and at ease.


“We have mutual trust and our capabilities complete each other. Together with our team we cope with the demands that come about in the day to day life of a residential accommodation.”



Bianka Schmidt

My name is Bianka Schmidt and I am working in the Marienheim already since 1997 as housekeeping manager. It is my aim, together with the team, to ensure the contentment of the residents and the visitors by providing housekeeping services. For all the events taking place in our halls I offer an all-round service from the choice of the venue up to the catering. This is a varied field of action that I enjoy!




Hana Estifanos

My name is Hana Estifanos and I am from Eritrea. Since late 1999 I live in Germany and since 2003 I work for the Marienheim. It is my task to keep the house clean. Next to Mrs. Schmidt I am the contact person for the event participants and support the catering. The contentment of the residents and the well-being of the guests are my concern.




Sybille Horwath

My name is Sybille Horwath and I work in the administration for the foundation Marienheim.






Goran facilitie