Information about the leasing of saloons, rooms and the cafeteria in the Marienheim.

Dear tenants, visitors and guests,

we welcome your warmly in our house. We wish you a pleasant stay and delightful hours in our house. We want to give you some advice on how to make the interaction between everyone involved easier. Nevertheless, even the most detailed information doesn’t replace the necessary agreements.

Obeying legal rules

The organizer is responsible for obeying legal rules (including especially the instructions of the law regulating public meetings, the Protection of young persons Act, the police regulations, obeying the closing time, the GEMA-rights, the avoidance of disturbance).

Dealing with the furniture

Please ensure that our rooms including furniture are being treated carefully. Everyone can damage something accidentally. If this should happen to you, please let us know or leave a message.

Saving energy

Please help us to save energy. Close the windows and doors and turn out the lights when leaving the room. Please distribute to economical water consumption as well

Operation of  the technical devices

In case you want to use technical devices in the rooms (music devices, washing machine, coffee machine etc.), please let us explain the technical devices to you.

Using the kitchen

The kitchen will be given to you with all the equipment. Dishes, silverware and all the other furnishings have to be cleaned by the end of the event. Otherwise you have to pay for the hours our staff needs to clean everything. Food waste and other garbage have to be disposed by you.


Articles are left at the owners risk

Parking lots

We are not able to offer you and your guests parking spaces on the ground of the Marienheim

Closing the doors

Please pay attention that every door and window is closed and locked.